“IT Corporation has been providing timely upgrades and suggesting valuable advice for the network environment in Estee Lauder. This reduces unnecessary computer time for the future, hence reducing computer costs”
ESTEE LAUDER – Mr. Themba Mazibuko, National Network Manager had this to say about our consultative advice
“We were exceptionally pleased with the move to IT Corporation both in the expertise and more importantly the calm and cool way that the engineers set about the task. I was very worried about the move. The worries proved to be unfounded…”
GARMIN – Candida Teixeira has this to say about our additional support.
“The service they provide is extremely efficient, quick and reliable. The computer technicians and experts are helpful and highly trained. It is very reassuring to know that they are always available: all our urgent problems have been dealt with immediately. I strongly recommend their services.”
Abbott Pharmaceuticals, KZN Regional Manager – Victor Holpert
...the batch used import from Easy Roster to Pastel Payrol used to take 30+ minutes, this morning the same batch took 10sec...
Malandela Security Services – Karen Du Plessis
Administration Manager