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Many companies are looking to improve business with new online services that foster growth while reducing costs, minimizing risks, and increasing agility.

Thinking about a cloud migration?

IT Corp can help.

  • 6 years building in the cloud
  • Managed private and public cloud (Azure and AWS)
  • Work from anywhere, anytime & on any device
  • No server hardware costs, only pay for what you use
  • Unlimited support, bandwidth & power; 24/7 Monitoring
  • Fully redundant replicas, backups and disaster recovery (DR)
  • True 99.9% Business continuity (BCP)
  • Military grade firewall
  • How can we help?

IT Corp is the Cloud solution provider for many happy customers


The Cloud is like any other utility

Gas, electricity etc. – you don’t care where it comes from, just as long as it’s there when you need it – and as a utility, you only pay for what you use, generally on a month by month basis.

Is the cloud secure?

Most certainly – as we’ve already said, online banking uses cloud computing. The majority of cloud data centres use military grade security when it comes to looking after your data and almost all cloud services are accessed using SSL and HTTPS internet security.

Cloud servers are maintained constantly and the data is usually replicated securely to other data centres to ensure off site backup of your data.

The truth of the matter is that cloud computing is much more secure & reliable at lower costs, than having your own server onsite.

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