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“Enhancing Email Safety: Introducing ‘First Time or Infrequent Sender’ Notifications”

Good Day,

We have recently implemented additional measures to enhance the safety of our clients’ email experience.

In our latest update, we have enabled “First Time or Infrequent Sender” notifications for all Office 365 email users. This feature aims to help identify potential phishing or spoofed emails. Here’s what you need to know:

What are “First Time or Infrequent Sender” notifications?
These notifications are new alerts that will appear on emails when you receive a message from a sender you haven’t interacted with before or who rarely contacts you.

How does it help?
This update adds an extra layer of protection against impersonation and spoofing attacks. If you notice a warning about a sender being a first-time or infrequent contact, it’s essential to take a closer look at the sender’s address. We recommend verifying the email by calling the sender directly or reaching out to our team to confirm its authenticity.

Do I need to take any action?
No, this feature will be enabled for all tenants by our team. Simply keep an eye out for these notifications on your emails and don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues.

Remember, the IT Corp team is always available to assist you with checking any emails. Reach out to us via support @ itcorp.co.za, call 031 266 0000, or message us on WhatsApp.

Stay safe.

If you’re not already on Office 365 and want to be, contact us now. The changeover is quicker, easier, and more cost-effective than you think.