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“Did you know that leaving your laptop on isn’t the greatest idea while transporting it?”

Here are a few things that can happen.

1. Overheating:
Laptops generate heat while they’re running, and they rely on their internal fans and cooling systems to dissipate that heat. Placing a running laptop in a bag can restrict airflow and cause the laptop to overheat. Overheating can lead to reduced performance, system instability, and even hardware damage. This also could be a potential fire hazard.

2. Battery Drain:
If your laptop is left on while in a bag, it will continue to consume power from the battery. This can lead to unnecessary battery drain, reducing the overall lifespan of your laptop’s battery and potentially leaving you with a dead battery when you actually need your laptop.

3. Physical Damage:
Laptops are sensitive electronic devices with delicate components. If your laptop is on while it’s in a bag, it’s more susceptible to physical shocks and impacts. Even minor bumps or drops can result in damage to the laptop’s internal components or the screen.

4. Accidental Inputs:
If the laptop’s lid is open even slightly, keys on the keyboard or the touchpad might get pressed inadvertently, leading to unintended actions or even accidental deletion of data.

5. Data Loss:
If the laptop goes into sleep mode or hibernation while it’s in the bag, sudden movements or pressure could cause the laptop to wake up and access the hard drive. This could result in data corruption or loss if the laptop’s hard drive is writing or reading data at the time.

We have all been there, waiting on an update to finish so that we can put our laptop away and get going.
Its best to bite the bullet and wait for it completely shut down before moving on.
It will help extend the lifespan of your laptop and prevent potential hazards.